#ZeroG to Victory: Week 2 Power Rankings

Josh Hutchinson (@JustJoshin41) Week 1 is in the books! It was pretty quiet on the goaltending front until a 14 game Saturday night gave us a few interesting goaltending narratives. Volume starters Marc-Andre Fleury and Jack Campbell have both had brutal starts to the season through two games. Campbell is not getting much help inContinue reading “#ZeroG to Victory: Week 2 Power Rankings”

#ZeroG to Victory: Week 1 Power Rankings

Josh Hutchinson (@JustJoshin41) It’s finally here! The NHL season starts today and with it comes Week 1 of the fantasy hockey season. I hope you all drafted well and by that I mean faded goalies. Obviously I’m joking (kind of) but regardless of how you drafted, you may be in need of some goalie startsContinue reading “#ZeroG to Victory: Week 1 Power Rankings”

#ZeroG to Victory: An Introduction

Josh Hutchinson (@JustJoshin41) How’s it going everybody? My name is Josh Hutchinson. You may know me from the Midweek Edition of the Apples & Ginos Fantasy Hockey Podcast as well as from some appearances with Nate on the weekend edition of the show. If not, I’m an experienced fantasy hockey player that is always lookingContinue reading “#ZeroG to Victory: An Introduction”