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Hello everyone and welcome in for another article. In this one I’m going to list all of the best resources I’ve found for fantasy hockey dominance. Before I do that, I want to take a second to invite you to join the Apples & Ginos community on Discord and the Apples & Ginos Patreon where I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about fantasy hockey podcasts, fantasy hockey websites, or any other way I spend my free time (just kidding, those are the only two ways).

Essentially what I’m trying to do here is create a be-all & end-all list of the resources that I personally use and/or think provide valuable information to fantasy hockey managers. With the season about to start, hopefully this is a page you can bookmark and come back to for anything fantasy hockey related you can think of. First off of course, I have to plug all things Apples & Ginos:

Apples & Ginos Blog – providing 3x weekly articles tackling puzzling players, the best #ZeroG goalie options, and statistical analyses of current player trends

Apples & Ginos Fantasy Hockey Podcast – providing 2x weekly podcasts tackling the latest happenings around the NHL and their impact for fantasy

Apples & Ginos Skater Projections & Goalie Tiers – pretty self-explanatory

Apples & Ginos Discord Server – where you can ask any question anytime and get responses from some of the other 450+ other fantasy hockey managers; also just a fun community of people who share a common interest

Apples & Ginos Twitter – tweeting instant fantasy reactions to all the latest NHL news and providing players to watch on a daily basis

Apples & Ginos Patreon – providing paid subscribers with a weekly waiver wire guide as well as guaranteed responses to all fantasy hockey questions via a patrons-only Discord channel

With the self-plug out of the way, here’s a comprehensive list of the fantasy hockey sources I trust the most:


Dom Luszczyszyn from The Athletic

Scott Cullen from McKeen’s


Five Hole Fantasy Hockey Podcast – Lively and entertaining podcast covering all the need to know topics throughout the season

Fantasy Hockey Life Podcast – The only fantasy hockey podcast with a nearly exclusive dynasty focus

Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast – Tons of fantasy takes from some of the best fantasy hockey players in the world


Dobber Hockey Daily Ramblings – Daily articles covering all the latest fantasy news


Natural Stat Trick – Terrific free database of advanced stats

HockeyViz – Unique site of exclusive data and visualizations

All Three Zones – Microdata tracking site with exclusive database


0 Games Above Replacement – Free weekly schedule tool with easy to use sorting and visualization

Frozen Tools Last Game Lines – Free tool showing the line combinations used in the last game

Frozen Tools Suite of Tools – Repository of various charts and tools including hot & cold players, player newsfeed, and schedule planner

Gameday Line Tweets – Site containing all latest line combinations tweeted out by beat reporters for each team

Left Wing Lock – Lists all confirmed and expected starting goalies for the day

Hockey Prospecting – Analytical model evaluating every prospect’s possibility of making the NHL and becoming a star-level producer

Elite Prospects Draft Guide – Terrific resource on draft eligible players each year

Dobber Fantasy Prospects Report – The most comprehensive fantasy-focused guide to all the top NHL prospects available

Twitter Accounts:

Five Hole Fantasy Hockey Podcast – Instant reactions to fantasy-relevant news

Cam Robinson – Prospect scout for Elite Prospects

Victor Nuño – Co-host of Fantasy Hockey Life podcast

Keeping Karlsson – Podcast Twitter feed

Short Shifts – Keeping Karlsson sub-podcast Twitter feed with reactions to fantasy news

Ian Gooding – Managing Editor of Dobber Hockey

Michael Amato – Tons of fantasy takes, great for interaction

GameDayLines – Retweets beat reporters tweeting line combinations

GoaliePost – Retweets confirmed goalie starts

RotoWire NHL – Tweets all NHL news

David Pagnotta – NHL insider tweeting signings, trades, and other NHL news

Frank Seravalli – NHL insider tweeting signings, trades, and other NHL news

Elliotte Friedman – NHL insider tweeting signings, trades, and other NHL news

Darren Dreger – NHL insider tweeting signings, trades, and other NHL news

That’s all for this one folks, I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it! Make sure you follow Apples & Ginos on Twitter, on TikTok, and join the Apples & Ginos Discord server for more content and to ask any fantasy hockey questions you may have.

Thanks for reading, you are appreciated!


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