The BEST Playoff Schedules to Target for Fantasy Hockey in 2023

Hello everyone and welcome in for another article. This is a quick article just intended to get good information into your hands as soon as possible. I have to give a stick tap to the guys over at Keeping Karlsson, their Google Sheet of the entire NHL schedule this year was the base that I built on to create this for you. Let’s get it!

Why Do Playoff Schedules Matter?

I’m not going to rehash everything here as I’ve discussed this topic at length in this article from last year:

That being said, I would boil this down to a few bullet points:

  • Some teams play considerably more games than others during the fantasy playoffs and some second liners will outperform stars during that time as a result
  • If your league has them, you should prioritize getting a bye through the first round of the playoffs above optimizing playoff schedule. Getting a bye gives you a free week to set your roster up for success the following week.
  • You should not prioritize playoff schedules over ensuring you actually make the playoffs (sounds obvious, but don’t be that person who makes too many moves too far in advance and ends up falling out of the playoffs in the last week)
  • If you feel you’re safe in your position then you can look to acquire players with great playoff schedules to preemptively optimize your roster for those weeks.

The Best and Worst Schedules by Playoff Weeks

Below I’ve broken out all of the best and worst schedules based on the four most common fantasy playoff setups. You can view the Google sheet containing all of this info in one spot at this link:

Weeks 22 – 24

Weeks 22 – 24 (Mar 13 – Apr 2)
Best SchedulesGPOff Nights
Colorado Avalanche118
Buffalo Sabres107
Arizona Coyotes105
Toronto Maple Leafs115
St. Louis Blues114
Boston Bruins122
Worst SchedulesGPOff Nights
San Jose Sharks91
Vegas Golden Knights91
Philadelphia Flyers101
Tampa Bay Lightning101
Seattle Kraken92

Weeks 23 – 24

Weeks 23 – 24 (Mar 20 – Apr 2)
Best SchedulesGPOff Nights
Colorado Avalanche76
Arizona Coyotes75
Florida Panthers83
New York Islanders73
Edmonton Oilers73
Worst SchedulesGPOff Nights
Tampa Bay Lightning60
Vegas Golden Knights60
Philadelphia Flyers70
Washington Capitals61
Dallas Stars61
Seattle Kraken61
Winnipeg Jets61
San Jose Sharks61

Weeks 23 – 25

Weeks 23 – 25 (Mar 20 – Apr 14)
Best SchedulesGPOff Nights
Colorado Avalanche148
Arizona Coyotes126
Buffalo Sabres134
Edmonton Oilers124
Calgary Flames124
Nashville Predators143
Worst SchedulesGPOff Nights
Washington Capitals111
Tampa Bay Lightning111
Vegas Golden Knights121
Philadelphia Flyers131
Winnipeg Jets112

Weeks 24 – 25

Weeks 24 – 25 (Mar 27 – Apr 14)
Best SchedulesGPOff Nights
Colorado Avalanche104
Buffalo Sabres103
Minnesota Wild93
Dallas Stars93
Arizona Coyotes83
New York Islanders83
Calgary Flames83
Nashville Predators102
Seattle Kraken102
Worst SchedulesGPOff Nights
Chicago Blackhawks90
Los Angeles Kings90
Pittsburgh Penguins90
Carolina Hurricanes100
Washington Capitals81
Tampa Bay Lightning81


I feel this info is pretty self-explanatory and you don’t really need me to tell you that Colorado players should be a top priority when trying to optimize your playoff lineups. That being said, if you have any questions or comments or if your league plays its playoffs across different weeks, feel free to reach out to me and let’s chat about your fantasy team and making sure you’re set up to bring home the hardware this year!

That’s all for this one folks, I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it! Make sure you follow Apples & Ginos on Twitter and join the Apples & Ginos Discord server for more content and to ask any fantasy hockey questions you may have.

Much love,


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