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Mark Barbour (@18sktrs,

It’s go time in fantasy hockey. The playoffs have arrived in most leagues and the only thing that matters is getting a W right now. With that in mind, this week’s article is going to be more “traditional” than most of my work here at Apples & Ginos. I’m simply going to offer some streaming suggestions. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I’m going to refer you to some streaming suggestions made by the trusty 18_SKATERS_BOT (discussed in my previous article Can A Robot Find Your Streamers?).

You can see the full list of potential streamers (plus data on the upcoming schedule) at New streaming suggestions are posted there daily.

Streamers For Next Week

The 18_SKATERS_BOT ranks its streaming suggestions based on a Score which essentially means the skaters are ranked according to who is most likely to get a goal/assist in a game (relative to the other skaters on the list). I’ve filtered the data to select the top 50 skaters which should allow us to identify a few widely available skaters who have a good schedule next week.

Note that the Position and Roster % data in this table refer to Yahoo leagues and are current to the time of publication on 2023-03-08.

SkaterPositionTeamRoster %Score
Troy TerryRWANA562.7
Jared McCannC,LWSEA492.6
Anthony DuclairRWFLA232.5
Mikael BacklundCCGY432.3
David KrejciCBOS282.0
Logan CoutureCSJ472.0
Jordan EberleRWSEA241.8
Cam FowlerDANA181.7
Nick SchmaltzC,RWARI361.6
Teuvo TeravainenLW,RWCAR571.4
Matias MaccelliLWARI21.4
Owen TippettLW,RWPHI111.1
Brock BoeserRWVAN421.1
J.T. CompherC,RWCOL421.1
Boone JennerCCBJ381.0
Nick SuzukiCMTL581.0
T.J. OshieC,RWWSH350.9
Jack RoslovicCCBJ40.9
Andrei KuzmenkoLW,RWVAN550.9
Anthony BeauvillierLW,RWVAN180.9
Jaden SchwartzLWSEA40.8
Alex IafalloLWLA30.8
Ondrej PalatLWNJ220.8
Tom WilsonRWWSH440.8
Kyle PalmieriRWNYI30.7
Mike HoffmanLW,RWMTL20.7
Anders LeeLWNYI590.6
Barrett HaytonCARI60.6
Dylan StromeC,RWWSH190.6
Seth JarvisLW,RWCAR340.6
Viktor ArvidssonLW,RWLA240.6
Kevin HayesC,LWPHI300.6
Kaapo KakkoRWNYR50.5
Mason McTavishC,LWANA180.5
Alexander BarabanovLW,RWSJ40.5
Warren FoegeleLWEDM10.5
Andreas AthanasiouLW,RWCHI10.5
Blake WheelerRWWPG460.5
Matty BeniersCSEA380.4
Robert ThomasC,RWSTL530.4
Tyler JohnsonLW,RWCHI20.4
Ivan BarbashevC,LWVGK420.4
Reilly SmithLW,RWVGK430.4
Filip ChytilC,RWNYR190.4
Oliver BjorkstrandRWSEA80.3
Rafael Harvey-PinardLWMTL70.3
Casey MittelstadtCBUF50.3
Pavel ZachaC,LW,RWBOS210.3
Nick PerbixDTB10.3
Ryan HartmanC,RWMIN310.3

I’m going to focus on skaters who: 1) have a good schedule next week; and 2) are on a roster in less than 30% of Yahoo leagues. Of course, you are free to grab any of these skaters if they’re available in your league.

  • Cam Fowler plays on a bad team but he’s a good streaming option if you need a defenseman next week. Fowler has been playing at a point-per-game pace for nearly a month now. The Ducks play three games on off-nights next week which means you should be able to fit him on your roster.
  • The 18_SKATERS_BOT doesn’t worry about bad vibes and that’s why it can suggest a skater like Jack Roslovic. Roslovic’s recent deployment and production have been pretty good. His time-on-ice is up and he’s playing on a line with Patrik Laine. Roslovic has also been close to point-per-game for a nearly a month, though that is partly the result of a four-point game against the Oilers. The Blue Jackets play four times next week and two of those games are on off-nights. This is not a risk-free choice but there are no guarantees with any skater let alone a skater who is so widely available.
  • Anthony Beauvillier is doing well in Vancouver, and he’s another skater who has been scoring at a point-per-game pace for nearly a month. The Canucks have a decent schedule next week with four games played and two off-nights. Beauvillier’s dual eligibility should make it easier for you to fit him on your roster.
  • Casey Mittelstadt plays for the Buffalo Sabres, a team with games on four off-nights next week. Like the skaters listed above Mittelstadt has been scoring at a point-per-game pace for nearly a month. He’s not the trendy pick from the Sabres but he’s putting up points and he’s probably available in your league (unless you play in a league with me in which case he is not available right now).

The End Of The Article

That’s all for this week. I’ll be back here next week with another original data-driven article. In the meantime you can find my daily posts on Follow me on Twitter at @18sktrs if you want to be notified about the content I’m creating here, there, and anywhere.


Mark (18 Skaters)

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