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Mark Barbour (@18sktrs,

In this week’s article I will once again suggest some streaming options based on recommendations made by the 18_SKATERS_BOT at

I restricted last week’s streaming suggestions to skaters who were on a roster in less than 30% of Yahoo leagues. For this week’s article I’m going to cut that down to 20%. There are plenty of other sources that recommend skaters who are more widely available, including some excellent recommendations right here at Apples & Ginos.

The Streamers

The 18_SKATERS_BOT ranks its streaming recommendations based on a Score which essentially means the skaters are ranked according to who is most likely to get a goal/assist in a game (relative to the other skaters on the list). I’ve filtered the data to select the top 45 skaters which should allow us to identify a few widely available skaters who have a good schedule.

Note that the Position and Roster % data in this table refer to Yahoo leagues and are current to the time of publication on 2023-03-15.

SkaterPositionTeamRoster %Score
Logan CoutureCSJ473.0
Mikael BacklundCCGY432.5
Barrett HaytonCARI202.3
Jared McCannC,LWSEA592.0
Rasmus SandinDWSH581.8
David KrejciCBOS291.8
Cam FowlerDANA201.8
Troy TerryRWANA551.7
Brock BoeserRWVAN411.5
Jordan EberleRWSEA221.4
Boone JennerCCBJ361.3
Alexander BarabanovLW,RWSJ41.2
T.J. OshieC,RWWSH381.2
Mason McTavishC,LWANA201.0
Anthony BeauvillierLW,RWVAN150.9
Adam BoqvistDCBJ80.8
John KlingbergDMIN440.8
Dylan StromeC,RWWSH290.8
Owen TippettLW,RWPHI110.8
Viktor ArvidssonLW,RWLA250.8
Cody GlassC,RWNSH20.6
Ivan BarbashevC,LWVGK340.6
Phillip DanaultCLA280.6
Alex KillornLW,RWTB400.6
Nick SuzukiCMTL560.6
Reilly SmithLW,RWVGK460.6
Oliver BjorkstrandRWSEA90.6
Tyler BertuzziLW,RWBOS290.6
Blake WheelerRWWPG440.6
Alex ChiassonRWDET00.6
Ondrej PalatLWNJ220.6
Jaden SchwartzLWSEA50.5
Matty BeniersCSEA370.5
Nino NiederreiterLWWPG320.4
Alex IafalloLWLA30.4
Gabriel VilardiLW,RWLA190.3
J.T. CompherC,RWCOL370.3
Seth JarvisLW,RWCAR300.3
Samuel GirardDCOL290.3
Josh AndersonRWMTL140.3
Jason ZuckerLWPIT430.3
Teuvo TeravainenLW,RWCAR560.3
Ryan HartmanC,RWMIN360.3
Pavel ZachaC,LW,RWBOS220.2
Tomas HertlCSJ540.2

As noted above, I will focus on skaters who: 1) have a good schedule; and 2) are on a roster in 20% or less of Yahoo leagues. Of course, you’re free to grab any of the above skaters if they’re available in your league.

  • I recommended Cam Fowler in last week’s article and then he recorded 4 points in his next 3 games. Inexplicably his Roster % has risen only 2 percentage points over the last week. The Ducks have 3 games on off-nights over the rest of this week so you should have no trouble fitting him on your roster. Did you miss out on the great Rasmus Sandin rush? Grab Cam Fowler instead.
  • Mason McTavish is probably the best option for a skater at the forward positions, though his performance lately has been inconsistent. He’s coming off a stretch where his time-on-ice bounced around and he averaged only 1 shot per game. While that’s not great, he did take 3 shots (and scored 2 goals) in his last game. Notwithstanding the ups and downs McTavish played at about a point-per-game pace over the last few weeks. The fact that the Ducks have 3 games on off-nights over the rest of this week makes McTavish a solid streaming option.
  • Anthony Beauvillier is another skater who was on this list last week (he recorded 2 points in the 3 games since then). Vancouver has 3 games remaining this week, including games against Arizona and Anaheim. Unfortunately, only one of those remaining games is on an off-night when the Canucks play the Ducks on Sunday. His viability as a streamer will depend on whether you can fit Beauvillier on your roster before that Sunday game (or you could grab him for just that Sunday game if you’re looking to salvage your week, and potentially your playoffs, with a last minute add).
  • Adam Boqvist was on a nice run before going without a point in his last 4 games. If you’re desperate for a defenseman then he’s an option. The Blue Jackets play 3 more games this week with 2 of those games on off-nights (including a game against the Ducks). Cam Fowler is probably the better option on defense if he’s available.
  • Lastly, I’ll mention Barrett Hayton since he has a high Score and is on a roster in only 20% of Yahoo leagues. The Coyotes have 2 games remaining this week and both of them are on busy nights, so Hayton doesn’t make a great streaming option for the rest of this week (though you might want to ask yourself if Hayton could replace someone at the bottom of your roster). Things look much more interesting next week, though, as the Coyotes play 4 games and 3 of them are on off-nights. If you’re in a position where you can start planning ahead for next week then take a look at Barrett Hayton.

The End Of The Article

That’s all for this week. I’ll be back here next week with another original data-driven article. In the meantime you can find my daily posts on Follow me on Twitter at @18sktrs if you want to be notified about the content I’m creating here, there, and anywhere.


Mark (18 Skaters)

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