Buy and Sell Week 2

Hello everyone and welcome in for another article, this time looking into potential buys and sells after the second week of NHL action. First I want to take a second to invite you to join the Apples & Ginos Discord server where you can ask questions and chat with other like-minded fantasy managers on anythingContinue reading “Buy and Sell Week 2”

Ranking the Top 20 Defensemen for Fantasy in 2020/21 (1-5)

Hello and welcome in for the fourth and final installment in this series in which I break down my top 20 defensemen for fantasy hockey in 2020/21. You can find my previous article on ranks 6-10 here. These projections and rankings may vary over time as the draft/free agency/coaching changes come down, but at leastContinue reading “Ranking the Top 20 Defensemen for Fantasy in 2020/21 (1-5)”