#ZeroG to Victory: Week 13 Power Rankings

Josh Hutchinson (@JustJoshin41) Happy New Year everybody! My apologies for not putting out the power rankings for week 12. The holiday season ended up being a lot busier than I expected and between family get togethers, snow storms, and family health issues I wasn’t able to find time to write anything up. However the beautifulContinue reading “#ZeroG to Victory: Week 13 Power Rankings”

#ZeroG to Victory: Week 7 Power Rankings

Josh Hutchinson (@JustJoshin41) We may finally be able to close the book on the Oilers goaltending conversation (at least for now), not only because Stuart Skinner is now more than 50% rostered in Yahoo leagues and has graduated from the #ZeroG power rankings, but also because he’s started 3 straight games. With the price tagContinue reading “#ZeroG to Victory: Week 7 Power Rankings”

#ZeroG to Victory: Week 6 Power Rankings

Josh Hutchinson (@JustJoshin41) I hope you all got your Martin Jones adds in last week because he is our most recent #ZeroG power rankings graduate. He’s now 59% rostered in Yahoo leagues. Who would have thought Martin Jones, who hasn’t had a season save percentage above .900 since the 2017-18 season, would be sitting prettyContinue reading “#ZeroG to Victory: Week 6 Power Rankings”