#ZeroG to Victory: Week 6 Power Rankings

Josh Hutchinson (@JustJoshin41) I hope you all got your Martin Jones adds in last week because he is our most recent #ZeroG power rankings graduate. He’s now 59% rostered in Yahoo leagues. Who would have thought Martin Jones, who hasn’t had a season save percentage above .900 since the 2017-18 season, would be sitting prettyContinue reading “#ZeroG to Victory: Week 6 Power Rankings”

#ZeroG to Victory: Week 5 Power Rankings

Josh Hutchinson (@JustJoshin41) Injury reports are the name of the game going into week 5. Not just because of the goalies that are getting injured, but also because of the goalies that are returning from injury. Cam Talbot is back earlier than expected and has performed well in 2 games (one in relief of AntonContinue reading “#ZeroG to Victory: Week 5 Power Rankings”