The Truth #13

Hello everyone and welcome in for another article, the thirteenth part of a series in which I try to determine the truth about puzzling players. First I want to take a second to invite you to join the Apples & Ginos Discord server which is where I gathered ideas from the members on which playersContinue reading “The Truth #13”

Three Centers that I’m Higher on Than You for 2020/21

Hello and welcome in for a brand new series in which I will detail three players at each position that I am higher on than the majority of fantasy players for the upcoming season. Today, we’re taking a look at a trio of centers who I believe will return big time value on their draftContinue reading “Three Centers that I’m Higher on Than You for 2020/21”

Ranking the Top 20 Centers for Fantasy in 2020/21 (6-10)

Welcome back for my third installment in this series as I rank the top 20 centers for fantasy hockey in 2020/21. You can view my previous post on centers 11-15 here. These projections and rankings may vary over time as the draft/free agency/coaching changes come down, but at least this should give everyone a placeContinue reading “Ranking the Top 20 Centers for Fantasy in 2020/21 (6-10)”