Skater Projections All-Stars

Mark Barbour (@18sktrs, This week I’m doing something different than my “typical” A&G article. There won’t be any charts or plots that explore interesting skater data here. Instead, I’m going to talk about some of the skaters climbing my personal skater projections, focusing on skaters who I think might surprise some people. I won’tContinue reading “Skater Projections All-Stars”

32 Bold Predictions for Fantasy

Hello everyone and welcome in for another article. In this one I’m going to make a bunch of bold predictions and if even one of them comes true I’ll be sure to let EVERYONE know about it. Before I do that, I want to take a second to invite you to join the Apples &Continue reading “32 Bold Predictions for Fantasy”

Predicting Goal Scoring Regression (Part 2)

Hello everybody and welcome in for another article. I’ve been taking some time to put together what I hope you’ll agree is some quality content and information that you likely have not encountered elsewhere. I’m trying to tackle the problem of goal scoring regression and learning what statistics may predict an impending decline in thatContinue reading “Predicting Goal Scoring Regression (Part 2)”

Three Centers I’m Lower on Than You for 2020/21

Hello and welcome in for the opposing piece to last week’s article in which I will detail three players that I believe are overrated by the fantasy community for the upcoming season. Today, we’re taking a look at a trio of brand-name centers who I believe will return lower than expected value on their draftContinue reading “Three Centers I’m Lower on Than You for 2020/21”

Ranking the Top 20 Centers for Fantasy in 2020/21 (6-10)

Welcome back for my third installment in this series as I rank the top 20 centers for fantasy hockey in 2020/21. You can view my previous post on centers 11-15 here. These projections and rankings may vary over time as the draft/free agency/coaching changes come down, but at least this should give everyone a placeContinue reading “Ranking the Top 20 Centers for Fantasy in 2020/21 (6-10)”

Jack Eichel: 2019/20 Fantasy Season Recap & 2020/21 Projection

Welcome back for the tenth and final installment of my series on the top NHL fantasy hockey players of 2019/20, where I dive deep into how they performed this year and try to project what their 2020/21 season might look like. You can go back and read my previous article on Auston Matthews here. Let’sContinue reading “Jack Eichel: 2019/20 Fantasy Season Recap & 2020/21 Projection”